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    • Dear Loved Ones

      Dear loved ones,

      The Cuties and I hope that you know how much we cherish each and every one of you and that our absolute favorite thing to do is to share our music with you and see your beautiful smiles reflect back at us.

      As you know, life throws some curve balls sometimes and mine was that I recently underwent a surgery. It went great, but to our disappointment doctors orders are forcing us to cancel all of our scheduled performances for the next few months. Though we will miss you terribly, it is clear to me that I have to take this time to heal so that we can come back better and stronger than ever and hopefully before you even know it! I guess I’m just going to be waited on for a while…

      With love, light and songs in our hearts,
      Shirli and the Cuties.
      (pic by David Kalani)

      Leftover Cuties